Special Dealer Pricing

Cloud Integrated Technologies is an authorized distributor of most high-end headset brands, which means we get a discount when we buy from our wholesale dealer. That's a discount we get that we pass on over directly to our customer, so you can get the quality and efficiency of these high-end headsets at a price that fits your budget. Our prices will be lower than any deal you can get on Amazon. Our prices will be lower than even buying directly from the manufacturer. Work with the team that can get you the quality headsets you need, at the lowest price available, so you can invest in your business.

Personalized Consultation

There are hundreds of headset types and accessories, all at different prices, all optimized for different needs and uses. It can be pretty overwhelming to even think about browsing through and comparing all of them. With Cloud Integrated Technologies, we take out the guesswork and the incessant browsing. When you contact our team, one of our experienced and knowledgeable team members will listen to your needs and what you and your business are looking for, and provide a variety of choices that will fit your needs and your budget. Request a quote from one of our team members, and start figuring out what you need, and how Cloud Integrated Technologies can provide it for you.

Post Sale Support

Have you ever bought something that you bring home, only to find out that it doesn't work, or that you need four other things to make it work? This can be a pretty frustrating feeling, and it's an issue that can be a make-or-break financial deal for any business looking to expand and improve their operations. At Cloud Integrated Technologies, we won't just offer these headsets at a great price; we will take the time and effort to make sure that they go from our warehouse directly into effective usage in your business. That means working with you after you receive them, and understanding what you need from us to get your headsets into circulation so they can improve and optimize your business operation.