Remote work, or "working from home" has existed in a variety of industries for a long time. For some companies and industries whose employees almost exclusively work on a computer, this is quite a useful way to provide freedom and mobility to your employees, while still getting the quality and consistency of work expected. And as more and more companies start to see either no problems or even an improvement in work through remote working, more and more companies are looking to adapt and adopt this practice. The freedom and mobility of remote work makes your company more attractive to potential employees, as it gives them the freedom to work from anywhere, including the comfort of their home.

But optimizing your company for remote work is much easier said than done. Even in the current context and times we are living in, where remote work has become more of a necessity than just an optional benefit, many companies are still having to scramble to comprehensively rework their systems and operations to account for remote workers. And that is where Cloud Integrated Technologies Inc. comes in. We are a proud provider of cloud, cable, and carrier services, offering the necessary support and improved network and communication speeds for tech-heavy companies all over the country. When it comes to remote work for your business, CIT has the comprehensive package solution to not only support the transition to remote work, but optimize your business to handle the change most effectively, from headsets for your employees, to reliable cloud services that improve productivity and efficiency. Keep reading to learn how!

Comprehensive Remote Work Support

CIT Solutions prides itself on providing a variety of highly-supportive services that help companies just like yours optimize their productivity and their performance. Our services and products are not just meant to make your life and the lives of your employees easier; they are meant to improve every aspect of your business. Cloud technology provides universal access to your system for all of your employees, wherever they are, without sacrificing safety and opening up your system to the cyber-world. Our cable and carrier services provide the speed and accuracy of the network that fits your business needs, which allows you to confidently institute remote work, knowing that connection speed and quality will stay the same. We also have a wide selection of Jabra headsets, giving your employees the tools they need to maintain the expected quality in customer service interactions. CIT has a comprehensive package solution to make remote work not just possible, but highly effective.

Supply and Support Your Employees

For any company, the more benefits and flexibility you provide to your employees, the happier they will be, and the more your company will be attractive to potential new employees. But in order to give them the freedom and mobility that remote work provides, they need to be supplied and supported with the right services and products in order to still do their job effectively. CIT has the comprehensive supplies and support you need to get started. It could be cloud-based data that maintains the same level of access as if they were on-site, or effective cyber-security that keeps your company information safe, no matter the network in use. We also have a strong partnership with Jabra that gives us quality headsets at a great price, a price and quality we pass straight on to our customers. This quality can give your employees the clarity and effective communication that will maintain their customer service standards, all from the comfort of their own home.

Adapting to the Everchanging Future

As you might be able to tell from the tumultuous and ever-changing times, remote work changed from a flexible benefit that a few industries provided to a necessity that almost every industry has to have the capabilities for. From the steep rise in video chat and communication programs to the realization that remote work often can provide the same quality of work, companies and industries all over the country are adapting. Don't be the company that gets left behind, or can't adapt quickly enough; with a CIT solution, you can not only be prepared for remote work and the shift that requires, but you can even improve your business operation with the right services and tools. Our team at Cloud Integrated Technologies is here to provide that, to work with you to understand your business, and to find the best way to optimize it for the remote work future ahead. So don't hesitate, and call us today!